Google Plus

What is Google Plus

Google is forever changing and we need to keep up with this change.

To combat Facebook, Google + was introduced both as a social media platform but also as an additional tool for Google account holders. Now there are 540 million active Google + users making it the second largest social media platform after Facebook, which has 665 million active users.

Simply having a Gmail address, you also have access to other Google products including; Google +, webmaster tools, calendar, businesses (formally places), blogger, drive…the list goes on. This is a great nest of tools not just for web masters, but web users.

Visit Sørlandet Google Plus

Visit Sørlandet Google Plus

On G+ as I will call it, people can interact online in many ways; create a circle of friends, post pictures or videos, post links to things of interest, get a news feed or joining communities, post events and even get the app on your phone.

Google Plus and search

A little while ago, I heard that having a G+ account can influence the SERPS (search engine result pages) people see when using Google search. I did not believe it. How can Google do this? This is favoritism….well, it is and it isn’t.

Example 1: If someone has a Google account and is logged in when doing a search, the SERPS they see on Google can be influenced by G+ ONLY IF they, or someone they follow on G+ has liked or shared one of the websites in the results. (This relates specifically to G+ and not how other factors can influence a google search result)

Google is doing this to create a personalised search for its users. In a way, G+ users inform Google who they prefer to see content from and who can influence their SERP results.

Example 2: If someone is not logged on to a google account, the SERPS they see will not be affected by G+
(This research was from December last year, so it may have already slightly changed. Naturally Google wants to continue to promote the G+ service.) Definitely keep an eye on this!

So yes, it is favoritism and it isn’t.

Google Plus Norway

Google Plus

How can this affect me?

When I researched this some time ago, I thought about the pages and SEO I had produced for Visit Sørlandet. How can I increase the SEO successes of these articles and how can new content benefit?

A simple way is to create new posts with original content and text regularly. Some of these can link to various pages and articles I have published previously and to future pages. In the old days, I would ping google to inform them I had created a new page or a new website. This was done either via Google webmaster tools, updating sitemaps or creating links to them from high ranked (Google Page Ranked GPR) websites. The speed of which these sites and pages were newly indexed varied from a couple of weeks to days.

Now with G+, a new page can be indexed within hours. Absolutely amazing for an old school web marketer like me. But, technology is changing and advancing at a rapid speed. Google and the like can no longer afford to slowly crawl the net because we need up to date information now and not later.

I remember when I started in the internet field in 1998 when I was tasked with gathering various types of information from Google which was launched that same year. It was not easy and took some time because back then, Google was a couple of guys in a garage and now is the second most powerful brand in the world! (behind Wall Mart of all things)

Google plus tips

Google plus tips

Some Tips

Here are some tips for a good Google Plus strategy:

a) Increase you Google plus network of people and followers
b) On a regular basis, try and post original content on Google+
c) Consider keyword phrases in your content
d) Try and get a popular Google+ person to help spread your posts

My advice to any business is to use Google + and receive the benefits that come with it. After all, it can only help advance your presence online. What am I going to do immediately after I am finished editing this blog? I will post a link to it from Google +!!!

Join the Google Empire and «May the Force Be With You!»


Adam@Visit Sørlandet



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