Report from Chinavia conference and workshop

The Interregional Chinavia II Conference and Workshop “Scandinavian Things and Chinese Taste – Becoming China-ready in the Scandinavian tourism industry” was a 3 day event in Copenhagen June 13th – 15th 2014.

As a part of the Chinavia project stakeholder Visit Sørlandet and research company Agderforskning wanted to involve the future marketers and researchers of Scandinavia to present some of the research done for the project.

Day 1: Conference

Participants (40 persons) were stakeholders from the Chinavia project, students from Sweden, Denmark and Norway and some businesses with special interest for the Chinese marked.


The venue in Tivoli at the Japanese tower with rollercoaster’s, a Chinese wall and Asian inspiration made the conference day very special.

First up was Can Seng Ooi, professor and director Center for Leisure and Culture Services at Copenhagen Business School, with his presentation “Understanding Chinese Tourists. Examples of Scandinavian things”. An inspiring and very interesting lecture from this charismatic professor originally from Shanghai.

Second out was Sarah Holst Kjær, senior researcher at Agderforskning, presenting ”Tivoli’s China Town. Communicating Chinese symbols at the theme park”.

Sarah is the responsible for the research part of Chinavia II, hired by the project owner in Norway; Visit Sørlandet, who are the DMO for Southern Norway. After the presentation we all agreed that the Japanese Tower (formerly known as the Chinese Tower) was a mix of all things and maybe should be called the Asian Tower.

Matias Thuen Jørgensen, MA in tourism, and Carina Ren, associate professor Tourism Research Unit, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, talked about “Becoming China-Ready in the Scandinavian Tourism Industry. What does ‘China’ mean? What does ‘ready’ mean?”. It gave us a nice perspective on the questions. They would also join us on the two last days at the workshop.

Stephanie Pabotoy Møller & Joan Thorup Bojesen, MA’s of Managing Creative Business Processes, Stephanie works at Kopenhagen Fur and Joan at SuperSellers – both in PR, presented their work: “Inside the mind of the Chinese Consumer? Retail- and shopping strategies in the ‘ordinary Scandinavian main street”. We would get more info on this in the workshop sessions.

Day 2 & 3: Workshop in creative field work. 

Around 15 participants attended the workshop at the beautiful venue Nordatlantens Brygge in Christianshavn. Students from Norway, Sweden and Denmark joined researchers for a two day workshop with field work.


Visiting the most famous tourist attractions in Copenhagen, among them the Little Mermaid and Nyhavn, the groups interviewed Chinese tourists, looked for signs and maps in Chinese and researched what “buzzed” in Chinese social media. For such a short research workshop I think we got some interesting results.

When the research project of Chinavia ends later in 2014 we will have a full report of the findings. Please contact Visit Sørlandet for more info.



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